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Meeting translation needs since 2003

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Do you have customers abroad...?

Or are you maybe looking for some?

Do you sometimes struggle when communicating in foreign languages?

Or perhaps you have the skills but simply lack the time to deal with it?

C Bavington Ltd Professional Translation Services

Meeting the translation needs of businesses and other organisations since 2003.

C Bavington Ltd undertakes translation and related work of any size and scale, and is in a position to meet your translation needs for most commercial fields and related subjects:
- general business and financial documents, including in relation to HR and employment, CSR, commercial property, etc.
- legal and contract matters (terms and conditions of sale, leases, personal data, privacy policies and GDPR notices, employment contracts, etc.)
- websites and marketing materials more generally
- credit insurance policies and bonding agreements
- and, given my background, computing and IT materials of all kinds.

Having lived and worked in France, the firm's owner has insight into how French administration and companies operate, together with various aspects of life in France, and how to best convey these to an English-speaking audience.

While I personally undertake only French-to-English translation work, the company is fully able to make use of the services of other translators (with your permission) for other languages.

A full list of subject areas covered is available.

Services other than straightforward translation are also offered, such as executive summaries; please see the description of services.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or for more information about any aspect of your project not covered by the links in the menu above.

Please note

I will always need to see the material (documents, files, etc.) before a price and the other arrangements are finalised (see also the Prices page). This avoids unpleasant surprises, for you as well as for me.

Brief "About me"

Photo of me Professional translator since 2003 (after fifteen years as an analyst-programmer), I initially worked as a translator in Paris, France. I moved to Barnet, North London, in 2004, and now divide my time between Barnet and Pomerols (in southern France).

Link to profile on CIoL website Member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists since January 2009 (click on the logo to see my page on the CIoL website).

More details on my background are available here (includes option to download my CV).

Historical note: If you're here wondering what happened to my old style homepage, it's here

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