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Update: June 28th, 2011

This is Charlie Bavington’s blog. I expect you’ve realised that by now.

I should say I feel no obligation, whether self-imposed or forced upon me by an adoring public, to make anything like regular contributions, which I believe is the norm with many, perhaps more conventional blogs. I sometimes go for entire calendar months with narry an original opinion, thought or observation so much as waiting in the wings to flit across my befuddled mind.

However, I do have a propensity for reacting to the same events that rile others. Sometimes I react by not sharing the prevailing view. I don’t despise all agencies (I find aspects of their service very useful from my point of view). I don’t assume that all contracts are designed with the express purpose of ripping me off at the earliest opportunity. I don’t believe that anyone who “loves languages” (whatever the hell that means) has a God-given right to work as a translator. I do feel that too few translators have a decent grasp of economics, so I daresay that is a topic that might arise.

As for the pragmatic eye thing, well, a colleague remarked, unprovoked, that I seemed to have a pragmatic approach to things in general, and so I seized it as the basis for my tagline. If that sometimes appears at odds with any rambling into theory or analysis there may be, then so be it.

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